Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Winter Themed Baby Shower

HELLO out there! The reason for my being MIA the last week few days is because I have been in the throes of party planning to shower one of my very besties with lots of love for her first baby boy due in just a couple short months. Now, I love any excuse to host a good party. I got it from my Mom who is the Entertaining Queen of the universe and she got it from HER mom who still, to this day, pretty much has a party at her house every weekend. And heres the thing - when I get a vision or an idea or a THEME in my head... I sort of go nuts with it. If that wasn't evidenced by Ky's first birthday and Ariana's first birthday parties. Oops.

But this shower, I must say, was one of my all-time favorites. I co-hosted it with some other dear ladies and it was so much fun to plan and prepare. The theme wasn't even really a theme until way after we had started planning. Originally it was just going to be a "blue and gray" shower to match Melissa's nursery scheme. Then that turned into a cocktail-themed brunch for girlfriends only. Then that became a Winter/Holiday-Themed brunch. And then, well... yea.

It all started when I got this vision in my head of a silvery wintery blue and white and silver dessert table/hot cocoa bar. I just imagined it being so pretty and sparkly and sweet, and oozing with treats and sweets to dip into cocoa and coffee. I pretty much purchased ANYTHING that could be classified as "winter" or "blue" or "silver" or "glass." And it literally all came together EXACTLY how I had envisioned. And the icing on the cake? (Pun intended...) When my darling little 2.5 year old saw the decked out tablescape for the first time and with eyes wide as saucers sweetly whispered, "Mommy... what IS this beautiful place?" My work was done.

I'll let the pictures do the talking! Big huge thank yous and hugs to Pam for ALL your hard work and help (and that amazing breakfast casserole that I must get the recipe for), and Britt for getting the cake pops and cookies and all your help! And to Tracy Marshall Photography, thank you for taking the most amazing pictures!! And lastly, to my dear love Melissa... thank you for being you and being the most amazing girlfriend anyone could ever ask for. You and your baby boy mean more to me than you know! Smooch.

 We had anything you could want to dip or put into a cup of hot cocoa or coffee: Ginger snaps, dark chocolate chips, marshmallows, peppermint and white chocolate covered pretzels (shaped like snowflakes, of course), sugar cookies, cake pops, peppermint sticks and chocolate truffle balls. I also loved the donut holes because they reminded me of snowballs!

I got little memo clips to hold the food tags which worked out perfectly and they were silver so they matched the decor! My dear friend Rachel also let me borrow a bunch of her "blue" Christmas decorations which added a nice touch to the table! (Thanks, Rach!!) I made all the paper products (banner, food tags and labels) myself... every inch of my house is covered in glitter but it was SO so fun. 

 I also designed that faux chalkboard print! Click HERE for a free printable of it! 

Food was also very fun to plan... we kept a simple brunch menu: French toast and fruit skewers, a yogurt parfait bar with lots of fresh berries, roasted turkey sausage, mini quiches and a delish egg, sausage and potato breakfast casserole. And then of course kept the champagne and mimosas flowing... sparkling cider for the preggos, obvi!

 For the favors, I made little S'mores to go in mason jars! Two pieces of Ghiarardelli chocolate, two graham crackers and two marshmallows. I made the labels which said "S'More Love" and tied it with a sparkly blue ribbon.

And the hosts with the blushing Mama-to-Be!

How adorable is she? No, seriously.

And all the lovely ladies who joined us that day. 

And lastly, how lucky am I to go through this crazy journey of motherhood with these two sweet girls and their sweet babies by my side? Answer: I'm the luckiest. Love you ladies!! xo.

Party Details!

Sparkly Wreath, Glitter White Tablecloth, Glitter cone tree, Glitter picture frame: Target
Silver Cookie Platter, Glitter Pinecones, Star dishes, Frame for "Cocoa" Print, Cardstock and ribbon: Michael's
Ruffle Backdrop (Ofelia Blanket): Ikea
Glass Apothecary Jars: Marshalls
Peppermint Stirrers, Hot Drinks Glasses, Memo Holders and Silver Vase (few years ago): Crate & Barrel
Mason Jars: Wegman's (my grocery store)
Paper Products: Designed & Printed by Me


Rachel said...

SO cute! Love everything!!!!! Great job!:)

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Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

This is SUCH a fabulous idea! Keeping it in my back pocket for the future!!! xx

Allyce said...

This turned out amazing!! May borrow for one if my girls' winter birthdays!! What a lucky friend you have!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It looks amazing! Kuddos to you!

Courtney said...

I'm planning this exact theme for my BFF's shower in a month! She is having a girl though and we're going for a bit less sparkly and more rustic, but other than that- identical. I love everything about this shower idea!!

K said...

Gorgeous! I might have to steal some of your ideas. I'm helping plan my friend's shower in January and am looking for some great ideas!