Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Deceptively Delicious : A 3-Ingredient Recipe That Gets Your Toddler to Eat Veggies!

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I have probably mentioned about twenty-two THOUSAND times that Ky is a picky eater and it all but kills me. Most mealtimes are a struggle and end up with me doing crazy acrobatics, making up stupid songs and games and stories or trying to convince him that if we "cheers" our forks, eating his dinner will be FUN!!

And when I say he's picky... I don't mean he's picky. I mean, he's SO FREAKING PICKY. The kid won't touch a PB&J sandwich, cheeseburgers, or pizza and basic mac & cheese is always 50/50. He will however eat olives of all colors, salmon, couscous and anything covered in pesto. I KNOW, right?! Where did I find this child.

At the expense of feeding him the same meal 3x a day, everyday... I know that on any given night if I want to avoid a meltdown or the anxiety over dinner time, I know without fail that there is one thing this kid will gobble up without a second guess. Pesto Tortellini.

I picked up all the necessary ingredients in my local Safeway store while Ky was in school during the time Ariana and I usually run a myriad of errands.

Make sure to get the Barilla Cheese & Spinach Tortellini which can be found in the dry pasta section of your local Safeway brand store. That way, sneaky mommy has spinach in the pasta and the kids aren't ever the wiser! ;)

I also picked up some fresh, juicy and sweet grape tomatoes and then I almost always have pesto on hand in my fridge! I make it myself in the warmer months when our basil plant is alive, but in the fall and winter I get it at the deli section of the grocery store... delish!

 Cook the pasta according to package instructions. In the meantime, slice the tomatoes and gently saute them in a little oil just for a couple minutes so they are a bit tender.

Once the pasta is cooked, toss it with about half a cup of pesto, the tomatoes and if you're anything like me... lots of extra cheese. I like to use chunks of Mozzarella and then some shredded Parm on top. Mmmmm.

Now, granted, he picked out all the tomatoes but the Cheese & Spinach Tortellini was a hit. I served it with meatballs and both of them devoured it like hungry racoons.

Not only is this an easy weeknight meal (I mean, you really can't beat 15 minutes and THREE ingredients!) but I love that it can be served hot, room temperature, or even cold! It's great for nights (like last night) that Hubs had to work late and could just eat the leftover pasta right out of the fridge... which, frankly, he prefers to do anyway. Win-win-win, I say! Not to mention, Barilla is currently running a promotion at all Safeway brand retailers for $0.75 off any one package of Barilla Tortellini! So basically, you have no excuse not to make this quick, delicious and healthy meal tonight.

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Andie said...

this actually looks like something Andrew would eat!! Thanks for the easy recipe!

Question- what brand of jarred pesto do you use? I got the dellalo brand once and it was way too garlicky.

Just curious!!!

Mimi said...

Thanks for this post, I can't wait to try this recipe with my 2 year old which loves all types of food but she gets bored very fast so I have to always add a new twist to her meals.
Would love for you to do a future post on some meals you give the kiddies.