Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday PJ Party Link-Up!

So since we are all majorly snowed in over here today, I thought I'd join Darci and friends for their virtual Holiday Pajama party link-up!

These cutie holiday jams were found at none other than good ole Target. Their Carter's "Just One You" brand is by far the best deal on pajamas! You get TWO pairs for like $15. And right now they are on sale for $12! That's $6 a pair, in case you're as bad at math as I am.

The other part of the "set" was worn during our Elf breakfast! :)

Seriously, so cute. I love themed-jammies! Thanks for hosting the PJ party, girls! :)


the girl in the red shoes said...

Your little ones are adorable in their Christmas jammies! Thanks for linking up with us!

Courtney said...

They are so sweet! I love their jammies. I also LOVE that you had an Elf breakfast. So cute!!

Shadia Brown said...

You're killing me with these pics of these beautiful kiddos!!! Love them!! I'm definintely heading to Target for those PJ's. :)


Kate Rogers said...

Christmas PJ's are the best!!! =)

Kate @ www.raisingtherogers.blogspot.com