Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Toddler Boy Christmas Gift List

I debated about doing a gift-giving list again this year (If you remember last year's, it was a doozy!) But I decided instead of doing something as intense, I would just share the kid's "Wish Lists" (aka: what they don't know I'm getting them) and then mayyyybe one for myself in case anyone who wants to buy me anything reads this blog... cough. husband. cough. ;)

Let's start with Ky. I would LOVE to go easy on all of us and get one huge gift for both kids, but the truth of the matter is we don't have the space. In fact, I'm planning to do a huge clean out of toys and games that they no longer play with because we need to just minimize and make some room. These kids have more toys than they know what to do with and I find myself practically giving them away to friends and relatives. There are a couple "toy" type items on his Christmas Wish List, but for the most part, they are practical items or educational toys that Ariana will also benefit from down the road.

1. Preschool Prep DVDs (Meet the Sightwords)
Judge if you must, but I am not one of those parents that limits my children's TV time to like 20 minutes a day. That's more punishment for me than for them, if you know what I mean. I know they are just babies, but TV programming these days can be beneficial and seeing that digital screens are everywhere, in the end I don't think stopping them from watching TV is going to make that huge a difference in their lives. I DO however, think the choice of programming obviously makes a difference and with that said, I don't let them just watch anything. With the exception of kiddie movies, the ONLY shows they are allowed to watch are educational. And since they both love educational shows so much, I thought I'd give these Preschool Prep DVDs a chance.. I got them on Zulily but they are also available on Amazon. I'll let you know how they are once they come in!

2. Cement Mixer
Another Zulily find... I seriously felt like a kid in a candy shop one day a couple weeks ago when they had this INCREDIBLE Construction Trucks boutique. I didn't even know where to begin buying things and I just know this cement mixer from Joybay is going to light up his little face when he sees it Christmas morning. I also picked up a remote-controlled excavator for my nephew. I've linked to a similar cement mixer since the boutique is over but any great little truck that your boy can drive around and make grunting noises is sure to be a winner!

3. Despicable Me 2 DVD
Despicable Me is one of Ky's favorite movies and he was also a minion for Halloween so this gift is just a no-brainer. He's going to love it and I can't wait to snuggle up and watch it with him!

4. Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site Magnetic Characters
I actually randomly found this at Francesca's of all places on their cute little gift table. Thankfully, Ky wasn't with me so I quickly snatched it and I know he's going to LOVE this. Basically, it's a little tin with magnetic trucks and the background are images from the original book and your child can move the magnets around, rearrange them, "drive" them, etc. This book is one of our favorites so this little magnetic game board is sure to be a huge hit. Not to mention, perfect for long car rides or to keep busy in restaurants, waiting rooms, etc! This boy sure loves his trucks!

5. Melissa & Doug See and Spell Puzzles
Obviously, Ky HAS to have these puzzles. He might be more excited about this gift than any of the others. It's no secret this boy is an alphabet whiz and he is just going to freak-a-leak when he sees these! He loves spelling out words and is constantly asking me or telling me what new words start with. I just die over fun, educational toys like this... Melissa & Doug do it again!

6. New Balance Sneaks
Ky already has these in gray and they are his favorite pair of shoes and they're starting to get snug. I thought the blue would be the perfect addition to his wardrobe for winter and into spring! Cute, comfy and versatile for my little boy who loves to run.

7. Team Umizoomi: Come and Get Us Counting UmiCar
I mentioned in Ky's 30-month update post that a new favorite show of his (and Ariana's) is Team UmiZoomi. This show is actually adorable and FILLED with educational nuggets of info. It specifically focuses on math and numbers and the kids just are obsessed. Well, the characters have this car (the "Umi Car") and every time it speeds away, Ky goes, "LOOK AT THAT UMI CAR GOOOO!!!!" And guess what. They actually MAKE an UmiCar. Remote Controlled. It's going to blow. his. mind.

8. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Calendar
The jury is still out on whether or not Santa is bringing this gift. I got a similar wall calendar for my nephew for his 3rd Birthday and according to my SIL, he loves it but I'm thinking Ky might still be a bit too young... We'll see. I do however think it's imperative that I teach him days/timeline and SOON because if I tell him we're doing anything and it's not happening right that minute, I hear about it for hoursssss or dayyssss until we do it. He really doesn't understand the concept of "Thursday" so I'm thinking a calendar might help, LOL.

9. Portable DVD Player
For the record, Hubs is totally against getting our 2.5 year old a portable DVD player. However, we are an iPAD-less household and although he has his own tablet, I don't see a problem with letting him watch movies in the car on long road trips which we tend to take often. We'll see if Santa shows up with this one ;) (Also, if he DOES bring it, he better bring this, too ... because, duh.)

10. Fisher-Price Little People Buzz Lightyear Space Ship
Do you know I actually had this post scheduled days ago but went back to edit and add this Buzz Lightyear Rocketship? Because my kids played with my nephew's toy ALL THANKSGIVING WEEKEND LONG and were obsessed/fighting over it. This is a must and it's already in my shopping cart.

11. Fisher-Price Drillin' Action Tool Set
Trucks and tools, my boy is all boy through and through. Another toy of my nephew's he just loved, I think Ky will totally be all over rocking his mini drill next to Daddy during house projects! :)

So there you have some treats my little man might find under his Christmas tree! Anything up there you've gotten for your kiddos that you love? Any other gift suggestions?? Let me know if you have some! :)

Ariana's Wish List coming later this week so stay tuned!


Kaitlyn said...

First of all-so glad there are other moms out there that do let their kids watch tv (I'm with you on the educational stuff and that's mostly what we have going on over here).

Second-thank you for posting this in general. I was kind of stuck on ideas for my 2 year old (as far as space savers etc) and LOVE the Goodnight Construction Site magnets!!

Kate (

Jenni said...

I love gift ideas, thank you! I can't wait for Ariana's list because I have an almost 18 month old daughter so it will be especially helpful!

The Mrs./The Mom said...

I am sooo glad your son is 4 months older than mine- your ideas make mt life so much easier!!

Shadia Brown said...

Your picks are absolutely the best for a boy!!! Thanks for the great ideas!

It will ALWAYS be Double The Fun said...

Anything by Preschool Prep is AMAZING. My twin boys knew all of their letters, colors, shapes and numbers by 2 with watching those DVDS. The Sight Words flashcards are great too along with the book sets. There is nothing better than your child finding words that they know in books and having conversations about another word starting with a specific letter, which we have throughout the day. Enjoy!