Friday, December 6, 2013

Toddler Girl Christmas Gift List

Hope you all enjoyed the Toddler Boy Christmas Gift List! Today I'm going to share with you one for our little girl.

Most days, I feel sort of bad that my poor sweet baby girl only has very few things that are hers. With only being one year younger than her older brother... 90% of her toys are hand-me downs and therefore, very boy-centered. Not that there is at all anything wrong with that... but a little girl can only play with trucks and hammers and action figures for so long, right? ;)

Therefore, whenever the time comes to get her a gift, I always try to get her something a little girly. Something thats hers and only hers so that even Kyran knows that she has her own toys, too. With that said, here are a few things I have my eye on for Ariana this Christmas.

1. Little Tikes Shopping Cart
My mom has a similar cart like this at her house and Ariana loves it. She's totally in that stage where she loves collecting things and pushing them around and lately, she's been doing that in her brother's dump truck. This shopping cart is a must-have for my baby girl!

2. LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket
I love that this cute little picnic basket is also a learning tool, teaching colors and shapes and food names. She has this LeapFrog Count And Scan Shopper and she absolutely LOVES it, so I know that this picnic basket will be a home-run.

3. Old Navy Hooded Canvas Jacket
I have had my eye on this jacket for weeks now and finally scooped it up during Old Navy's Black Friday sales! I think its just adorable and will look so cute come spring or on warmer winter days when she'll just need a light coat!

4. Circo "Dasha" Boot - Target
Can I tell you that even though Ariana has three pairs of Uggs (more than me, mind you), her Circo Target Fuggs (fake uggs) are my favorite and she wears them almost every day. So when I saw the newest Ugg styles with the bows on the back and figured my husband would probably leave me if I spent $120 on baby boots, these knock-offs were the next best thing. They were sold out everywhere in the grey but I was lucky enough to find them on Ebay! Cannot wait to see her cute little feets stomping around in these!

5. VTech Nest and Learn Animals
If there is anything my daughter loves more than cheese, it's animals. All animals, all the time. She'll go up to any random dog on the street and start going "arf! arf!" - it's pretty much the cutest thing ever. I had originally planned to get this toy for my niece but I think due to her recent obsession with animal sounds, I may have to get one for Ariana, too... I see endless hours of mooing and quacking in her future!

6. The Little Mermaid DVD
I am slowly but surely building my the kids Disney Collection from the dusty VHS cassettes I once had to the out-of-the-vault Blu-Ray and DVD editions. Last year I got them each a DVD (Ky got the Lorax and Ariana got Cinderella), so I think it's a tradition that should continue! This movie is one of my childhood favorites and I can't wait to sit and watch it with my girl!

7. Pink Elephant Busy Ball Popper
Ariana played with a similar ball-popping toy at my sister-in-law's house last weekend over Thanksgiving and was O B S E S S E D. She kept putting her face over the air part so it blew her hair all over like a model, LOL. It was hilarious. But she also really enjoyed playing with the toys, chasing the balls as they popped out and putting them back in so I know she'll just love this.

8. Numbers, Shapes and Colors Book
We have a few of these books from when Ky was a baby but a lot of them have fallen apart or are on their last leg. This girl has recently become obsessed with books and since she's learning/speaking at a rapid rate, I want to get her some new, big picture books with bright colors and words.

9. Melissa & Doug Pretty Purse Fill and Spill
Melissa & Doug is one of my favorite toy brands and well... every little fashionista needs a purse, right?! ;) Ariana loves my keys, my phone and carrying anything around in a bag so this little purse toy is a no brainer.

10. Bubble Guppies Bath Squirters
Bubble Guppies strikes again and I think it goes without saying that it is still one of our favorite shows and Ariana loves it as much as Ky did last year. These bath toys are more of a stocking stuffer that I already picked up for her but I know her eyes are going to light up when she sees them!

So there are some things we are deciding between for our little princess! 18 Months is a hard age because in my head she's still a baby, but truthfully she's growing more into a little girl every day and learning and speaking and developing more and more constantly. I know she's probably too young to understand "mine" and "Kyran's" but I still think it's important that she feels ownership over stuff and understand that she has things in our home that are just hers. Plus, her brother is still working on sharing, so maybe all the pink toys will help ;)

Don't forget to check out Ky's Christmas Wish List if you missed it! :)


Lacey Bean said...

A shopping cart is on Sadie's wishlist too! And she has that picnic basket - she LOVES it. Love hearing what's on their wishlists since Sadie is right around Ariana's age. I'm sharing her list(s) too!

MommyMandy Musings said...

My girls love Bubble Guppies too! Might have to snag those for their stockings as well. Thanks!

Vanessa said...

Love your list. We have about half of those toys already and I agree that they are great.
Disney movies are a MUST in our house. We already owned The Little mermaid (I received it as a birthday present - nerdy, I know), but I just had to have it on Blu-Ray too!